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One of foundational pillars of the AFDICA is to further and facilitate financial literacy. The value of elevating financial literacy to virtually all demographic populations can have lasting and lifetime benefits. Your contributions can help improve your community, fulfill the AFDICA mission, and hopefully provide you with a meaningful and rewarding experience. While the FDIC “Money Smart” program provides the centerpiece of curriculum and material utilized, often organizations we engage with have unique needs so that virtually any material that elevates financial knowledge is useful and benefits your audience. This page will help you explore both the FDIC programs, as well as various financial literacy efforts the AFDICA has undertaken

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When you first enrolled with the AFDICA, you indicated your interest in providing financial training, you can update your profile information to indicate interest here, VOLUNTEER!, or simply email your interest to [email protected].  

No previous experience, no worries! Below you will find information on how you can become familiar with the AFDICA Money Smart program.  

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Online AFDICA Money Smart Learning Tools and Other Resources

The following documents are intended as a sequential introduction to Money Smart beginning with orientation to the FDIC program, progressing into some practicalities of teaching Money Smart on behalf of the AFDICA, continuing with training tips to refine a presentation, and concluding with other reference material we have accumulated to date based on our experiences, which will continue to be revised. If any material requires clarification or additional discussion, please email [email protected].

An Introduction to the AFDICA Money Smart Program

AFDICA Money Smart-Next Steps & Outreach

AFDICA Money Smart - Training Tips & How To's

Click Here for Other Resources developed by members for Money Smart classes.

Members can click here for a list of AFDICA members that have graciously offered their time to create, conduct and support Money Smart training and associated activities.